welcome to my world, government

"We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by March 17, 2009. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience."

Does this mean the government has ran out of money? lmao

tax refund = broke , no tax refund = rich

my tax refund isnt here yet. i thought it would be in my bank today. its ok though as long as its not in my bank i feel rich, because i know when i get it i will be broke lmao.

actually i plan on paying everything i have off. except my student loan, which will never get paid off, and one other bill.

so thats actually good.

my goal. zero balance for six months and a good credit score. yippee.

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OK, now for work shit, and you know I have a lot. More changes in shifts came Monday. Everyone is going to be on the 5x8 shifts. So naturally there will be 'doubling up' on positions. Those 'displaced' people to my understanding will be able to bid on open job positions. ( i dont see where this would open up jobs, but whatever) The only open jobs are going to be personalization. we are taking that back from Katt which will open up 29 jobs. Monograming.

We signed a paper Monday stating that we wanted to stay in our position. Marvin and April singed the paper and stated they wanted to move to another position within our department. April wants to be an auditor.

JC is pissed right now at Sharon, April, and Babs. Sharon because she fucked up two inspections, is out this whole week, and we have to re do those inspections. And she pulled that 'air headed' shit with him last week. He is mad at April because he is noticing that all she is doing when he isnt there is sitting at the computer desk and is lazy. He is mad at Babs because he sat down there last week and had her train him on picktickets, he said she was jumping from here to there, rushing thru shit , and you could just tell she was not interested in teaching him that. or anything for that matter. he said she doesnt work efficiently and holds onto work to make it look like she is busy and has a lot to do when in reality she doesnt.

Babs and Sharon were out Monday and yesterday. So JC got to see Jovita work. She loaded two trailers, and completed an inspection. He told me she was very smart and could run the floor down there. I told him that i agreed with him, but she was Babs's butt kitten and some problems arose from that at times.

JC said it pisses him off that we may lose Jovita (all the temps really) someone who is dedicated and hard working, and people like Sharon, april and babs will stay. He said that thought is discusting.

Greg the guy who taught me to do picktickets in ob4 quit a couple of months ago and went somewhere else to work outside WS. In his place they hired a guy names Jullian, who I hear is awesome at his job doing picktickets and shipping offsite. Well, he lost his job yesterday. JC wants to get him over here, move Babs to QA auditor and have sharon work for her. its just an idea...i dont know what he is going to do. but i know he is watching Babs with a magnifying glass.

I wish she would just take a damn packet and get the fuck out. Excuse my language, but you know how i feel.

so to sum it up, i squeaked by this week, keeping my job and i am happy about that.

fran my only friend at work, got in a car accident yesterday and cracked her rib and is homebound for the rest of the week at least. i will probably go see her this weekend. i need to see where she lives though bc she moved. probably somewhere in a low income part of the city because she moved into her mothers house, and i remember her saying her sister, who is on drugs as well as welfare lived there taking advantage and stealing from her mom. so we might want to go over there in the daylight hours. lmao

i do not agree with everything fran does, but she is my friend because she doesnt totally think like all black people do. im saying this from experience not from predjustice. keep in mind i am the ONLY white girl where i work. and i work with about 200 people in the warehouse. anyway fran and i share the same sense of humor and outlook on life. i do not agree with fran taking care and supporting her unwed daughter and her two kids. but there again, if my kids needed me like that i would probably do the same. but i think fran spoils her daughter too much. her daughter doesnt even drive. i dont think she is teaching her daughter to help herself.

it could be because fran raised her three kids on her own. and she doesnt want her daughter to feel the same worries and stress that she did raising them. which is understandable, but still, you need to push your kids to work and take care of their own responsibilities and THEN you can help them along the way.

just my opinion anyway.

i will go see fran saturday and bring her some stew or something. bless her heart, i know she is in so much pain.

thats all for now.

A Message to Garcia

A Message to Garcia

By Elbert Hubbard

In all this Cuban business there is one man stands out on the horizon of my memory like Mars at perihelion. When war broke out between Spain & the United States, it was very necessary to communicate quickly with the leader of the Insurgents. Garcia was somewhere in the mountain vastness of Cuba- no one knew where. No mail nor telegraph message could reach him. The President must secure his cooperation, and quickly.

What to do!

Some one said to the President, "There’s a fellow by the name of Rowan will find Garcia for you, if anybody can."

Rowan was sent for and given a letter to be delivered to Garcia. How "the fellow by the name of Rowan" took the letter, sealed it up in an oil-skin pouch, strapped it over his heart, in four days landed by night off the coast of Cuba from an open boat, disappeared into the jungle, & in three weeks came out on the other side of the Island, having traversed a hostile country on foot, and delivered his letter to Garcia, are things I have no special desire now to tell in detail.

The point I wish to make is this: McKinley gave Rowan a letter to be delivered to Garcia; Rowan took the letter and did not ask, "Where is he at?" By the Eternal! there is a man whose form should be cast in deathless bronze and the statue placed in every college of the land. It is not book-learning young men need, nor instruction about this and that, but a stiffening of the vertebrae which will cause them to be loyal to a trust, to act promptly, concentrate their energies: do the thing- "Carry a message to Garcia!"

General Garcia is dead now, but there are other Garcias.

No man, who has endeavored to carry out an enterprise where many hands were needed, but has been well nigh appalled at times by the imbecility of the average man- the inability or unwillingness to concentrate on a thing and do it. Slip-shod assistance, foolish inattention, dowdy indifference, & half-hearted work seem the rule; and no man succeeds, unless by hook or crook, or threat, he forces or bribes other men to assist him; or mayhap, God in His goodness performs a miracle, & sends him an Angel of Light for an assistant. You, reader, put this matter to a test: You are sitting now in your office- six clerks are within call.

Summon any one and make this request: "Please look in the encyclopedia and make a brief memorandum for me concerning the life of Correggio".

Will the clerk quietly say, "Yes, sir," and go do the task?

On your life, he will not. He will look at you out of a fishy eye and ask one or more of the following questions:

Who was he?

Which encyclopedia?

Where is the encyclopedia?

Was I hired for that?

Don’t you mean Bismarck?

What’s the matter with Charlie doing it?

Is he dead?

Is there any hurry?

Shan’t I bring you the book and let you look it up yourself?

What do you want to know for?

And I will lay you ten to one that after you have answered the questions, and explained how to find the information, and why you want it, the clerk will go off and get one of the other clerks to help him try to find Garcia- and then come back and tell you there is no such man. Of course I may lose my bet, but according to the Law of Average, I will not.

Now if you are wise you will not bother to explain to your "assistant" that Correggio is indexed under the C’s, not in the K’s, but you will smile sweetly and say, "Never mind," and go look it up yourself.

And this incapacity for independent action, this moral stupidity, this infirmity of the will, this unwillingness to cheerfully catch hold and lift, are the things that put pure Socialism so far into the future. If men will not act for themselves, what will they do when the benefit of their effort is for all? A first-mate with knotted club seems necessary; and the dread of getting "the bounce" Saturday night, holds many a worker to his place.

Advertise for a stenographer, and nine out of ten who apply, can neither spell nor punctuate- and do not think it necessary to.

Can such a one write a letter to Garcia?

"You see that bookkeeper," said the foreman to me in a large factory.

"Yes, what about him?"

"Well he’s a fine accountant, but if I’d send him up town on an errand, he might accomplish the errand all right, and on the other hand, might stop at four saloons on the way, and when he got to Main Street, would forget what he had been sent for."

Can such a man be entrusted to carry a message to Garcia?

We have recently been hearing much maudlin sympathy expressed for the "downtrodden denizen of the sweat-shop" and the "homeless wanderer searching for honest employment," & with it all often go many hard words for the men in power.

Nothing is said about the employer who grows old before his time in a vain attempt to get frowsy ne’er-do-wells to do intelligent work; and his long patient striving with "help" that does nothing but loaf when his back is turned. In every store and factory there is a constant weeding-out process going on. The employer is constantly sending away "help" that have shown their incapacity to further the interests of the business, and others are being taken on. No matter how good times are, this sorting continues, only if times are hard and work is scarce, the sorting is done finer- but out and forever out, the incompetent and unworthy go.

It is the survival of the fittest. Self-interest prompts every employer to keep the best- those who can carry a message to Garcia.

I know one man of really brilliant parts who has not the ability to manage a business of his own, and yet who is absolutely worthless to any one else, because he carries with him constantly the insane suspicion that his employer is oppressing, or intending to oppress him. He cannot give orders; and he will not receive them. Should a message be given him to take to Garcia, his answer would probably be, "Take it yourself."

Tonight this man walks the streets looking for work, the wind whistling through his threadbare coat. No one who knows him dare employ him, for he is a regular fire-brand of discontent. He is impervious to reason, and the only thing that can impress him is the toe of a thick-soled No. 9 boot.

Of course I know that one so morally deformed is no less to be pitied than a physical cripple; but in our pitying, let us drop a tear, too, for the men who are striving to carry on a great enterprise, whose working hours are not limited by the whistle, and whose hair is fast turning white through the struggle to hold in line dowdy indifference, slip-shod imbecility, and the heartless ingratitude, which, but for their enterprise, would be both hungry & homeless.

Have I put the matter too strongly? Possibly I have; but when all the world has gone a-slumming I wish to speak a word of sympathy for the man who succeeds- the man who, against great odds has directed the efforts of others, and having succeeded, finds there’s nothing in it: nothing but bare board and clothes.

I have carried a dinner pail & worked for day’s wages, and I have also been an employer of labor, and I know there is something to be said on both sides. There is no excellence, per se, in poverty; rags are no recommendation; & all employers are not rapacious and high-handed, any more than all poor men are virtuous.

My heart goes out to the man who does his work when the "boss" is away, as well as when he is at home. And the man who, when given a letter for Garcia, quietly take the missive, without asking any idiotic questions, and with no lurking intention of chucking it into the nearest sewer, or of doing aught else but deliver it, never gets "laid off," nor has to go on a strike for higher wages. Civilization is one long anxious search for just such individuals. Anything such a man asks shall be granted; his kind is so rare that no employer can afford to let him go. He is wanted in every city, town and village- in every office, shop, store and factory. The world cries out for such: he is needed, & needed badly- the man who can carry a message to Garcia.



its a little after eight am on sunday and noone is awake yet in my house. thats a big suprise. i guess everyone stayed up late.

we have enough coffeemate for only one cup of coffee, (carrie's) so after she gets up and wakes up , i will try and talk her into going grocery shopping with me.

tomorrow will be a lively day at work to say the least. we have one big inspection going on and my boss said to start the 100 percent inspection on it tomorrow. i will have to bust his bubble and tell him that we can not start it because the level one and level three inspections are not done yet. we can NOT start the 100 percent inspection when we arnt done with the others. its not the order of the way things should go and it will just confuse the inspector more than she is normally. she cant even handle small inspections without fucking something up then i am left trying to figure out the number for the claims i process when it should all just be cut and dry.

also, we still are waiting for photos from her from the level one and three. jeez. you would never think she has been doing this for seven years...and me just two. she just doesnt care about her job or the quality of it. and that shit will not fly. i am sick of picking up her slack and 'making the numbers work' because her numbers are always fucked up.

anyway. today i will relax, clean, shop and cook.

i also need to help leik with a report he needs to do on warren harding. he needs a two liter bottle, so i was thinking about buying some ginger ale and sherbert at the grocery today and making punch. we have a big punch bowl and glasses that carries mom gave us.

carrie is doing good. trudging along in her job. she works for a small computer software company as you may know. they are dealing with the bad economy as we all are, and they have good and bad weeks. even with the frustrations and stress of being the only sales person at her work (meaning the only person bringing in money for bills and payroll)

we are doing good in our relationship, and have worked and are working thru a lot of issues. she is doing good. i am doing good . that is what you do when you want to spend your life with someone, you work through shit. you try different shit and you just live through it.

i want to take the camera today and take pictures. we havent done that in a long time.

damn...im so ready for summer. may is when i will start laying out again. im so pale now. sigh.


bad day

today is a bad day.

first of all i had a migraine and came home from work at 10 am. then my boss kept calling me about this claim that HAS to be turned in today. which, i turned it in before i left but i left off a lot of merchandise because the inspector wasnt finished inspecting it. i asked my boss if i should just turn in what i had and he said yes. so i did. lo and behold when i do, everyone at corporate emails asking where the REST is. so i come home and sleep and ignore phone calls for about two hours. my head feels a LITTLE better upon waking so im thinking shit, i will just finish the claim myself because recently the inspector has sent in the results for the rest of the merchandise and it needs to be added onto the claim. so i call my boss back and he said that he was going to get the girl at the other DC to add this stuff into the claim. he said, stay by the phone though in case i need you. i TOLD him i would do it from home. it would be quicker AND i wouldnt have to 'wait by the phone' he is such a dumbass.

we got our home phone cut off to save a little money and my cell phone is fixing to die because i cant find the charger. usually i charge it in my car not at home and so now im minutes away from being totally disconnected from the outside world...which really isnt a bad things at this point i suppose.

so im just watching cartoon network. i feel my head starting to hurt again , im going back to sleep.

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this month in 2005

January 4th, 2005


Posted on 2005.01.04 at 00:04
its been raining here all week. however im still having a great time. yesterday me and the boys drove to mcdonalds. it was very important for me to show them i CAN drive a car. i know they think im not capable in japan lots of times
January 27th, 2005


Posted on 2005.01.27 at 08:52
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well my job is going very well. i really like it and the people who work there as well as the 2 chics they hired with me. i have been in shipping, and the last part of today i got to call people and tell them their credit cards were denied and to ask "could we check the number again" or "what date would be good for us to re run it ? " i got mostly answering machines, and only 3 people hung up on me. i dont want to leave my name on their answering machines.., i want to leave the name "ivanna schmell" maybe later on when i get more "comfortable" on the phone....

25 random things about me.

1. i love to read and swim. in the summer i am at the pool EVERY day.
2.i secretly want short hair, but i am scared to get it cut ,because i think my face is too fat.
3.i am a little OCD about my work, and people who do not carry 'a message to garcia' really aggrivate me.(http://www.birdsnest.com/garcia.htm ----see here for my hidden meaning.. )
4.i have been preparing my kids to work and be independent since they could walk
5. i loathe someone i work with
6. i work at williams sonoma
7. i lived in japan for eight years and can speak japanese
8. my sons' first language is japanese, however neither can speak it
9. i failed german in highschool, but my teacher was one of my favorites
10. ms ralston my algebra teacher with a lisp was my favorite
11. i HATE talking on the phone unless i have a bluetooth on
12. i get up every morning at 4 am because my shift is 5.30-2pm
13. it does not bother me to be alone
14. my mom died when i was 12
15. i was in the band in highschool, played alto sax and was in the flag core
16. my favorite show is THE OFFICE
17. i have all of the twilight zone episodes! thanks carrie!
18. i LOVE to cook, and am anal about my kids eating healthy
19. i drink alcohol maybe three times a year, beer in a bottle.
20. i smoke and have smoked since i was 16.
21. i didnt drive a car the entire time i was in japan, i rode a bicycle for transportation
22. i have no need to ever get married OR have any more kids
23. i have migaines
24. i have lived on this earth longer than my mother.
25.i do not like crowds

(no subject)

1 Make a list of things you can see without getting up:
tv, remote control, window, cigarettes, coffee cup, lamp, clock, fan, carries sleeping body

2 How do you style your hair?
70s hippie girl

3 What are you wearing now?
pajama pants, tank top

4 Do you have some sort of secret superpower?
no, but i have killer organizational skills...

5 What's the last thing you read/are currently reading?
aol news, book=eclipse

6 Do you nap a lot?
i try to!

7 Who was the last person you hugged?

8 What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
keeping myself out of trouble.

10 What was the last thing you ate today?
nothing yet, but i ate half a pancake at 9 pm last night.

11 What was the last thing you said aloud?
good night.

12 What websites do you always visit when you go online?
gmail, bankofamerica, work email, aol, livejournal, facebook, myspace

13 Last thing you bought:
chic fil a

14 What are you listening to right now?
Fan in the room, news

15 What's the last song that got stuck in your head?
probably metallica something

16 If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

17 What is your favorite weather, and why?
Spring/ fall like weather. Not too hot, not too cold.

18 How are you?
fine thank you

19 What's something you'd like someone to say to you right now?
there has been a mistake on your taxes, we owe you ten thousand dollars

20 Say something to the person who tagged you.
no one tagged me. just took it upon my self.
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im glad to be off monday.

lots of (black) people at work are taking off on tuesday too to watch the inauguration. i will work. kohta said they will watch it at school.

kohta wanted obama to win the presidency just so he could "see history happen" which i thought was a cool reason since he is only 12 , i didnt think he had thoughts like that.

i didnt voice my opinion to them either way so it was cool to see who they wanted to be president with out my imput.

i didnt vote....

i have never voted to be honest with you. i dont think the ppls vote counts. they figure out who is president before counting all the votes. and i just dont understand that.

oh i did vote once...i forget what it was for...but they had these two amendments at the end and they were LONG so i just voted 'no' on both...

later i found out that i voted no for gay marriages and no to not raising property taxes....whoops...my bad

i dont care who is president, i just dont want gas prices to go back up and i want two stimulus checks per year. if you can do that for me you have my vote.

yea i know im dumb.
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